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Why Flossing is Important

Taking care of your dental health is a part of the effort to keep you healthy. Many problems can occur if your teeth are dirty. In one of your visit to the dentist, or from a friend you might have heard about how you should floss every day. It is true that just brushing your mouth and using mouthwash is not enough to clean your teeth because a toothbrush can only clean the front, back, and the top surface of your tooth. But the gap between the tooth is essential to clean, and flossing can help to make sure that there is no food excess or anything in that tiny space. Here are some of the things that can happen if you don’t clean floss.

Bad breath

girl with a bad breathSurely, no one wants to have bad breath. It can make you come across as a person with bad oral hygiene to your coworkers, boss, friends, and family. Because the primary cause of bad breath is food particles that are left behind, flossing is the solution and the first step to preventing it from happening. Use panasonic water flossers after you eat your food and before you sleep. Or you can always use it after you brush your teeth, so you will never forget to floss.


Another thing that your the food particles can do to your teeth if you don’t get rid of it is, it will turn into a plaque. It is a sticky and hard substance that can be a challenge to remove. You have to go to the dentist if you want your teeth to look white and clean again.


cavities Another problem that will cost you a medical bill for a visit to the dental clinic is cavities. The bacteria in your mouth can feed off the leftover food, and this can create small holes in your tooth. This condition will require a permanent filling and lead to tooth decay if left untreated.

Gum problems

Your gum is a sensitive part of the mouth that can easily bleed and becomes tender if you don’t floss often. Especially if you are flossing for the first time in a long time, don’t be alarmed if there is blood. It is a typical thing that will stop when you do it regularly, so keep flossing and don’t miss a single day. Especially after eating food that can easily slip between your tooth.…