Getting Professional Help For Drug Addiction

Quite a large number of drug abusers or addicts, are aware of the fact that they heavily depend on drugs for their survival. It is very hard for them to wake up one morning and decide that they are going to reduce gradually or completely cease taking drugs. This will be a very uphill task for them to complete.

Although most of them are aware of this, some of them live in denial, while others are not able to confront the situation that they have landed themselves in. This is where it necessitates that one has to seek professional assistance.

Below then, we are going to discuss the reason why one needs to seek the help of a professional to help deal with their addiction problem or that of their loved one.

Benefits of professional treatment for drug abuse

One is put through customized treatment plans


Once you seek professional assistance, the addiction centers will in most cases put an addict through extensive physical and psychological examinations. This is meant to enable them to draft an efficient and effective treatment plan for them. Some of the factors that the professionals want to determine at this stage include personal histories, the extent of addiction, and all the other factors that are important in drafting a personalized treatment program to ensure that the treatment is effective.

Offer family therapy sessions

Research has shown that one can recover faster from drug addiction if their family is there to support them through the dilemma. Due to this, professionals, have integrated family therapy sessions to be an integral part of the treatment programs. This is informed by the fact that unless the family understands the situation that the addict is in and the reason behind the addiction, it is very hard for them to offer the required and appropriate help that the addict needs. This is why health professionals are important as they facilitate families to hold such meeting to enable them to learn more about the problems that their members might be facing and how they can help them out.

They facilitate group sessions

The professionals will certainly have other individuals suffering from the same drug addiction problem. They will thus organize group sessions so that those that are involved can exchange their experiences and stories. Listening to individuals who share the same experience will motivate them and enable them to recover faster as opposed to doing it all alone.

Skills training

One of the major advantages of seeking professional help is that the addicts are taught on important skills on how to organize themselves and manage their time. They are also given skill on how to manage their anger and stress reduction. These skills are not only important in helping them overcome their current situation, but they will also help them cope tough life challenges.

A professional will help an addict while encouraging them to build healthy habits and adopt nutritional guidelines that will help them.


alksdvnklasndvlksadlvknaslkdvnlkasndvlkansdkvlnlksnvsadBy seeking professional help, one can be put through a rehabilitation environment which contributes to their quick recovery. Under the guidance of a professional one will undergo positive socialization which is very important in replacing the many negative socialization that comes with drug abuse.

From the above, we can see that it is important to seek …


Benefits Of Protein Supplements

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of protein supplements to your body? If you have, then you must have noticed that there are quite a number of such benefits. That is why they are becoming popular not only with professional bodybuilders but also with everyone in need of a good body shape and health. In this article, we will reveal some of the most notable benefits of protein supplements.



Help In Muscle Build-Up

The primary advantage of these supplements is they help you build body muscles. Lean muscles, to be precise, are very important to the body. They ensure that the body is free from fatty tissues and any other unhealthy effects. That is what it takes to keep your body within healthy weights at all times.

Improved Brain Function

The ingredients in protein supplements are tailored to give you wakefulness during the day. Besides, they are also created to help you fight against mental fatigue. Therefore, these supplements will not only keep your brain powerfully alert during workout sessions but will also keep you energetic all day long.

Increase Muscle Recovery

SADSADFor workout enthusiasts, muscle wear and tear is a common thing. Left unchecked, this wear and tear could become a health problem. On a more positive note, protein supplements have been proven to be a perfect solution to muscle recovery. They are able to penetrate muscle tissues, bringing a healing effect mostly needed by bodybuilders. Now, if you want to gain more insights concerning this matter, you can check Progenex recovery review for a more detailed information.

They Boost Energy Storage

Your body needs energy whether or not you are going to work out. The ingredients in protein supplements are created to give energy storage the priority. You will not be running short of energy during the day as you will have plenty stored within your body.

Great Substitutes For Meals

Sometimes is not always possible to have your regular meals at home. You may be traveling or away from home for a good reason. At this time, you can use these supplements instead of real meals. You will not be compromising your nutritional needs since these supplements are balanced to cater for that.

Enhances The Biosynthesis Of Glutathione

Glutathione is an antioxidant generated within the body. It helps body muscles against the effects early aging. It is also helpful in muscle build up and recovery. While glutathione is freely synthesized within the body, the use of the supplements helps fasten the process.…


Working out while listening to music – The benefits

We are all aware that working out is an excellent way to be healthy and fit. When you perform exercises, your metabolic rate increases and you burn more calories. The functioning of your cardiovascular system will also be improved, and this will promote good blood circulation.

We can go on and on when it comes to the benefits of working out. But how does working out while listening to music benefit people? Does music help improve your performance? Read on as we discover how music has something to do with a great workout routine.

Working out and listening to music

hdghdd64Working out and listening to music have separate health benefits. But what happens when you combine both activities? For sure, the things that you will get to enjoy will be maximized. No wonder why if you take a look at the people who hit the gym, or even those who are jogging at the park, you will notice that most of them have their earphones and headphones on.

With a compilation of all your favorite songs, along with a great headphone, you will surely enjoy your workout routine even better. Read more at sportsamigos.com, and find out which sports headphones are the best for you.

Here are the benefits of working out while listening to music:

A good distraction

When you are working out, you need to concentrate and focus on what you are doing. You should avoid distractions, so you will be able to perform your exercises better, and complete your routine on time. But while you are exercising, it is inevitable that you will feel pain especially if you are doing an intense workout. This is when music, as a good distraction, comes into play. The beats will send messages to your brain, and this will take your mind off the pain that you are feeling.

Makes you work harder

Try to listen to some songs with a fast tempo, and you will notice that your movements also speed up. This is because your body will try to synchronize with the beats. As a result, you will be encouraged to work harder. You will be able to finish an intense workout with no problem.

Improves your mood

gdgdd54One of the top benefits of listening to music is that it has the power to improve your mood and allow you to escape negativity. While you are working out, music inspires you to work harder, so you will achieve your fitness goals. It will make you feel better about yourself, and this alone will change your mood.



Protect The Coral Reefs And Yourself With Reef Safe Sunscreens


When the scorching days of summer come, most of us hit the beaches to cool off and soak up the sun rays. Of course, we all take various sunscreens with us, so as to protect our skin from taking too much damage from the rays. When it comes to the standard sunscreens, they are all created with a singular purpose – to protect our skin from the potentially harmful UV rays. However, over time, due to the extended use of these sunscreen products, we can produce an entirely different effect, not only on our skin but the aquatic and natural plant life living in our lakes, rivers, and oceans.

To prevent this from happening, many have started using organic sunblock products, which feature completely natural and chemical-free substances. Also, these products also contain mineral based ingredients as well, which are highly gentle on any skin type and marine life.

The dangers posed to coral reefs

22nljcnvjkhOne of the most heavily affected marine organisms is undoubtedly coral reefs, which rank among the most biologically productive organisms in the world. According to the latest studies, it has been proven that many of the chemical-based sunscreen products are directly responsible for the death of coral reefs. The biggest causes of this occurrence are four widely used ingredients in sunscreens, which are known to activate the viruses that are responsible for destroying the algae that feed off the coral reefs. These four chemical ingredients include Octinoxate, Oxybenzone, Butylparaben and 4 – MBC.

Coral bleaching

As a result of the recent studies, many marine scientists have started linking conventional sunscreen types with coral bleaching. A coral reef is a stone-like, aquatic structure that features crevices and cracks that are inhabited by a variety of symbiotic organisms. The process of bleaching, which is caused by pollution, changes in ocean temperatures, and bacteria. It’s a process in which coral reef loses its tenants, the symbiotic organisms. Thus leaving nothing but a white, bare rock, without any algae life forms, This causes the reef to whiten and ultimately die completely.

Reef safe products

To stop this process, and the ultimate destruction of the coral reefs, the majority of scientists have started recommending people to avoid using standard sunscreens and instead use reef safe sunscreen brands. These sunscreen types are known to contain natural, chemical-free ingredients, such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Also, scientists also recommend using biodegradable sunscreens, which can easily degrade in seawater, without causing any damage or harm to the ecosystem. As opposed to the damaging, long-term effects of standard sunscreens, reef safe ones decompose easily and naturally over time.

Protecting ourselves too

33lkdjdpijoOf course, aside from saving the marine and coral life with these sunscreens, we are also saving ourselves as well. Some of the chemicals that standard sunscreens contain are not only harmful to the marine life and coral reefs but also to ourselves as well. Therefore, when choosing an effective sunblock product, one should try to avoid the ones that contain benzophenone, and other, similar chemical substances, which are known be linked to a variety of skin conditions and respiratory issues. Last, but not least, one should also remember to look for a nice shade during the strongest sun hours, as well as wear sunglasses and comfortable hats.…


A Guide To Dermal Fillers

Are you experiencing early aging and looking for a way to enhance your physical outlook in a big way? Now, if your answer is yes, then dermal fillers is the way to go. They will give you a new reason to smile by giving your face the attractive young look that you have always wanted. With these amazing fillers, you get to enjoy a number of benefits that are listed below;


Getting Rid Of Shades On The Lower Eye Closures

Sometimes as age catches up with us, we find that the lower eyelid fat tends to cause a protrusion on the lower lid area. This can always be corrected by a rejuvenation surgery that will restore the youthful look into your lower eyelids.

Reconstruction Of Face Deformity

Unfortunate occurrences like accidents may occur leaving you with a deformed face. Well, you do not have to spend the rest of your life with a deformed face; dermal fillers will help you in recovering a harmonious facial shape.

It Can Conceal Sunken Scars

As we all know, nobody enjoys drawing attention because of scars or marks on the face. The good news is that dermal fillers will help obscure the recessed scars leaving you with a desirable outlook.

Enhancement Of Thin Lips

If you feel that your lips are too thin and are stealing your self-confidence, you need not worry anymore; dermal fillers will make your lips as plump as you want them to be.


Well, now that you know the benefits of these excellent products it is important to note that the dermal fillers come in different types to suit your skin type. However, here we will mention a few that are commonly used;

Calcium Hydroxylapatite

This works perfectly for patients that are prone to allergic reactions. It consists mainly of natural human minerals that are free from all animal products. It works perfectly with patients that want to enhance facial uniformity.

Hyaluronic Acid

Mainly deals with acne scars, frown lines, burns, and check depressions, vertical lines due to smoking, crow’s feet and worry lines.


With this filler, the patient does not require any allergic test because it has minimal chances of reacting with human muscle. Treats best depression scars, facial wasting and make thin lips fleshy.


Sculptra or also known as Polylactic acid typically works as a stimulator. It is usually injected to enable the patient’s body to produce collagen. It puts in place nasolabial folds, fills laughing lines and plumps thin lips.

With this in mind, it is safe to assume that dermal fillers will always give your face a quick look without many invasions and enable the patient to enjoy 100% safety as they undergo the procedure. However, it’s critical to ask your surgeon all the questions you may be concerned about regarding your safety during and after the surgery.…


Factors To Consider When Hiring A Fitness Trainer

We cannot deny the fact that staying in shape is paramount especially in our efforts to live a healthier life. For this reason, a significant number of people are acquiring the services of personal fitness trainers. Now, if you are wondering what to look for when hiring these experts, allow us to share some key factors to consider when hiring a personal fitness trainer.



Ideally, this is the first factor to put into consideration. Given the fact that hiring a personal fitness trainer are expensive, you must be financially ready prior to making any decision. Basically, fitness trainers vary in terms of certifications, specialty, and location. In addition, it is important to note that in most cases, fitness trainers follow an hourly rate for solo sessions. Thus, if you want to save a few bucks, you can opt for a semi-private session or you ask for a package deal.


When it comes to fitness, always keep in mind that consistency is the key. Thus, when hiring a personal fitness trainer, always ensure that they are committed to helping you reach your fitness goals.

Coaching Style

SADSADSAnother factor you must always consider when hiring a personal fitness trainer is their coaching style. Always keep in mind that each trainer has his or her own approach when it comes to coaching. In addition, each trainer has his or her own personality. Hence, you must make an effort to know what kind of support you need in order to determine what kind of coaching you need.

Fields Of Expertise

It is important to note that each trainer specializes in a particular fitness program, which may include flexibility training, strength training, aerobic training, and circuit training to name a few.  Therefore, it is important to determine the trainer’s fields of expertise especially if you are looking for a particular fitness program.

Reviews & References

Prior to hiring a personal fitness trainer, it is important to ascertain the trainer’s capabilities and competencies. For this reason, asking for recommendations is imperative.   Additionally, another way to determine the trainer’s reputation is through reviews and references.

In addition, you must always pay attention to the trainer’s success rate. Always keep in mind that knowing the trainer’s success rate will significantly help you determine if he or she is the most suitable person to help you reach your fitness goals.

Licenses & Certifications

You must always ensure that you are hiring a licensed personal fitness trainer. In addition, always ascertain that they went through Personal Trainer Courses from accredited institutions. Also, it is worth noting that these courses are necessary in order for them to obtain certifications. Plus, it is always ideal to opt for a trainer that has been in the industry for quite some time.…


Medication For Allergies

Allergic reactions are among the most common health problems around the world. They can be caused by a variety of things including dust, pollen, insect stings, and foods among many others. Dealing with allergies can be quite uncomfortable and irritating. In general, there is no cure for allergies. However, there are various types of medication, which you can use to relieve the symptoms of the allergies. Some of those symptoms include swelling, congestion, and runny nose.

Meditation used for treatment of allergy symptoms

As mentioned earlier, there is a wide variety of medicine, both prescription and over the counter, which works well to relieve the symptoms of allergies. The symptoms that you experience or the kind of allergy that you have will determine the medication that you will use. Antihistamines, decongestants, and corticosteroids are the most common ones used.


Antihistamines are mainly used to relieve swellings, seasonal changes, and itchy eyes. The medicine can be found in the form of pills, eye drops, or nasal spray. When experiencing an allergic reaction, the body produces a substance called histamine. This substance causes swelling, changes in secretion, redness, and itchiness. The antihistamine works by blocking the release of histamine. This ensures that all its effects are prevented, relieving you from the symptoms.


Decongestants are used when you experience congestion. Most of the decongestants are prescription medication, which doctors usually prescribe alongside antihistamine to counter the allergic reactions. They are available in the form of liquid, pills, nasal spray, and eye drops. During an allergic reaction, some swelling might occur in the nose, causing excessive secretion of mucus and other fluids. The swelling can also occur in blood vessels, causing redness in the eyes. Decongestants used with antihistamine will reduce the swelling, congestion, mucus secretion, and redness. If you have glaucoma or any other condition related to blood pressure, you should avoid using the decongestants. This is because they can cause an increase in blood pressure.


Corticosteroids, commonly referred to as steroids, are used to counter inflammation caused by allergies. Sneezing, runny nose, nasal stuffiness, and itchiness are some of the other symptoms to which it can provide relief. Steroids can be found in the form of pills, inhalers, cream, liquid, nasal spray, and eye drops. For the best results, corticosteroids have to be used on a constant basis. Some of the possible side effects of using this allergy medication include weight gain, fluid retention, and hypertension.…


Buying Guide For Toothpaste

To maintain great oral health, dentists recommend that you brush your teeth at least twice each day. This may be at night before going to bed and in the morning when you wake up. The benefits that come with brushing teeth include having healthy gums, beautiful white teeth, and fresh breath. However, this will only be true if you employ the right brushing technique, using the right type of toothbrush and toothpaste. There are many toothpaste types and brands available in the market. Choosing the right type can be a bit overwhelming. Below are some factors to consider, which can work as a guide to help you choose the most suitable for you.

Main considerations to make


As mentioned earlier, there are many brands of toothpaste available for you to choose. A good idea would be to cytgjfcryjtfgyesdrtfyopt for a brand that is well known for producing quality products and has been around for many years. The brand should have been in the market for a long time to prove consistency in quality. In case you wish to try out a new brand, make sure that you do research on it before making the purchase. Check reviews of customers who have used it to make a judgment of what to expect from it.


In current times, each tube of toothpaste is made to deal with a particular oral condition. This means that you need to identify your needs, and then choose toothpaste that addresses it best. For example, if you want white teeth, you should obviously choose teeth whitening toothpaste. Other targeted oral conditions include bad breath, bleeding gums, and sensitivity.


The ingredients contained in toothpaste are usually listed on the packaging. Check all the ingredients to ensure that none of them is harmful. Some of the ingredients may affect the taste of the toothpaste. Your taste preferences will help you decide on what to choose. For example, toothpaste that contains herbs will taste and smell a little bit like the herbs. Artificial flavors may also be used, such as bubble gum flavor for toothpaste meant for kids.


fgmfhmtfuhfrjdtfyujhHow much you are willing to spend on toothpaste may influence your decision on the toothpaste to buy. You can shop around in search for the best offer if you want to save some money. You can also look for offers such as promotional sales and discounts.…




“Wir haben uns für die Plattform von TheBakery entschieden, weil wir die Zukunft des E-Commerce im Rahmen unserer Multi-Channel-Marketing- & Vertriebsstrategie in innovativen Ideen und effizienten Prozessen sehen.”

Dipl.-Kfm. Michael Härle / Leiter eCommerce / EURONICS Deutschland eG


Die ECOM Berlin lädt wieder zu den Strategietagen in die Bundeshauptstadt. Mit seinem Vortrag “Über die Zukunft der vernetzten Commerce-Modelle und die IT-Organisation dafür” ist auch Klaus Skripalle von TheBakery am 28.04.2010 um 12.30 am Programm beteiligt. >weiter…


Die Innovationstreiber des Jahres 2009 – Shortlist

Nach dem verlorenen Jahr im E-Commerce (2008) war 2009 eines der spannendsten E-Commerce-Jahre seit langem. Und das erste Jahr, das verdeutlicht hat, dass nichts mehr fix ist im E-Commerce und das Web für den (Online-)Handel in den kommenden Jahren zu Umwälzungen auf unterschiedlichsten Ebenen führt. >weiter…


Auf einen Blick
Die TheBakery-Lösung ermöglicht alle für ein ganzheitlich ausgeführtes E-Commerce wichtigen Bereiche:


Channel Management:

  • Belieferung von Marktplätzen als Integrations- oder Kooperationspartner
  • Erhöhung der Kundenreichweite für mehr Produktivität und Wachstum
  • Minimierung von Investitionen, Time To Market, Fokus auf “Verkauf”

Supplier Management:

  • Erweiterung/Umstellung der Sortimente ohne Warenrisiken und Lagerhaltungskosten
  • Erhöhung der Umsatzrentabilität und Effizienz
  • Verwendung standardisierter Beschaffungsprozesse
  • Optimierte Wertschöpfung und Einfachheit

Product Management:

Zugriff auf zentralen Artikelstamm (inkl. Produktstammdaten und Bewegungsdaten aller angebundenen Lieferanten)
Kostenminimierung für Artikelinhalte (Datenblätter, Bilder, Beschreibungen, etc.) und deren Erstellung
Administration der Artikelinhalte über Web-Schnittstelle
Unbeschränkte Speicherung von Artikeln und deren Stamm,- Bewegungs- und Inhaltsdaten
Order Management:

  • Verwendung einer aktiven Prozesssteuerung aufgrund der statusgetriebenen Bestellverarbeitung
  • Lieferanten-Monitoring und ganzheitliches Prozess-Management in Echtzeit
  • Höhere Kundenbindung und -zufriedenheit
  • Minimierung nachgelagerter Bestellkosten (Call Center)