Our Company

Our company
TheBakery is an IT-company based in Berlin, Germany and mainly focuses on “processing e-business”, giving special prominence to an active process control of customer orders.

TheBakery runs a high performance transaction platform, which is capable of coordinating all ordering related processes and service providers as a central link in real-time.

Due to TheBakery’s long-term experience in e-business, they also provide suppliers and online shops with consulting services to enter new business areas and to realise innovative e-commerce solutions.

TheBakery currently employs a well-rehearsed and professional team of 14 people, knowing each other for almost a decade from previous projects.
Our team is composed of the management and heads of the IT/sales department, software developers, system administrators, project managers, technical writers and administrators of logistical process control.

All of our employees can look back on many years of experience in modelizing, implementing and executing of optimised automated e-commerce business processes and have a profound knowledge in Java J2EE programming, data base management (PostgreSQL), operating a 3-tier server architecture, logistical process control, continuous process optimisation and project management (GPM licence).